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I wish to welcome everyone to the New Orleans Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA).   Our chapter is all about education and comradery. Please visit our website where you will find information about our chapter, our members and our calendar of events.

I look back at how the last 12 months have been and how our lives have changed, not just personally but professionally. COVID took a lot from us, in-person meetings, happy hours, luncheons, our retreat.   I look back and think, “How did we get here and what are we going to do now?” I know one thing we all need to do and that is to see each other live and in-person, “Face-To-Face!”

Whether our new normal consists of a mask and being 6 feet apart, we can do that and still be Face-To-Face. Zoom allowed us to be Face-To-Face all last year but not in the way we were all used to. It created a new comfort zone for each of us. Going forward, our new comfort zone will be whatever YOU need to do to feel safe, to feel that you are still an integral part of our organization, to feel that you belong.   We will work together to keep us unified as an organization and to keep everyone informed of all meetings, events and conferences.

I am looking forward to working with the new Board and new Committee Chairs and members. To all of you who are willing to volunteer and be a part of something fun and exciting, reach out to me any time. I am quite certain I can help you find a place.

There are so many important parts of our Chapter - not just the members but our Business Partners. Without our Business Partners, we would not be able to have our educational lunches or seminars. I ask you all to give them your patronage and come out to the Expo in June.

I want to thank Daniel Simpson for serving as our President during one of the most challenging years. I certainly would not be moving forward in this organization without his guidance. The entire 2020-2021 Board did everything they could do despite our not being Face-To-Face.

In looking through various historical ALA President letters, I noted that some President’s had a motto. As you may have guessed, I do too: Face-To-Face!  We can do this regardless of how close or how far our Face-To-Face turns out to be.

Denise S. Abadie
President, New Orleans Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators

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Upcoming Events

May 6

2021 Board Installation Luncheon

2021 Board Installation Luncheon